About us


MARTIN LUKAČ Author, photographer, wanderer

Martin Lukač, born on June 19, 1972 in the Liberec maternity hospital.
Still free and still endless dreamer who believes in fairy tales.
Plus, I have a wonderful daughter, Victoria (22 years old).

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation ❤️

Our History



I got my first “Corina” camera from my parents at the age of ten…

Anyone who has fallen into the intoxicating sound of a trigger click knows how beautiful the first attempts and acquaintance with the magic of capturing the moment are. It’s like with first love. It remains deep in memory for a lifetime!

My father was a teacher at the elementary school in Rynoltice and a passionate photographer, so I was lucky to spend the weekends in the photo chamber and be able to penetrate the magic of photography.



After completing my military service, I moved to Prague, where I settled permanently and I live here to this day.

I spent most of my life working as a manager, locked up in the office for days. The turning point came with several years of working at the Prague Zoo, where I was able to apply my passion to the local animals.

Here I realized that I wanted to be free and I want to wander with a camera in hand.

Photography offers a different story every second!


I have been living in Prague for over 25 years and I am still discovering new beautiful and nooks and crannies. I love Prague because it is the same and different. It offers so many secrets, so many beautiful objects, so many inspirations.

My favorite is the Old Town, where the atmosphere for photography is fully tangible. Old streets, ancient houses, street lamps and life all around. Prague breathes a mixture of history and the connection of world cultures.

And in the middle of it all, the beautiful Vltava River, decorated with the vaults of bridges….


Meyers Margo

Martin creates absolutely amazing paintings. I have several paintings in my apartment in New York and I always have beautiful memories of Prague when I look at them.

Atelier Permanentu

I adore his work, he has an incredible feeling.

Jitka Bydlová

Your work speaks for itself, beautiful!

Dana Synková

I highly recommend, I especially appreciated the sensitive and patient approach. The photos exceeded my expectations. Someone has a great eye!

Jana Červená

A great photographer with a very professional approach and a good eye for a perfect shot. It was very difficult to choose just one because they were all amazing.

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