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© 2019 by Martin Lukac, Author, Photographer, Photo studio in the center of Prague

About me...

1972 - Beginning

I was born in Liberec, and here it all started...

1982 - My first camera

I got my first camera "Corina" from my parents.
Anyone who has fallen into the intoxicating sound of a shutter click and the shutter down knows how blissful are the first attempts to immortalize anything and get to know the moment of capture. It's like first love. My father was a teacher at a primary school in Rynoltice and a passionate photographer, so I was fortunate enough to spend weekends in the photo chamber and to penetrate the magic of photography.

2012 - Full-time photographer


After completing basic military service, I moved to Prague, where I settled permanently and live here today. Most of my life I worked as a manager, but closed all day in the office very active and do not develop satisfying activity. A major breakthrough came along with several years of work at the Prague Zoo, where I could apply this passion to the local animals. Capturing the right moment - expression - detail in motion was a great experience. Here I realized that I want to be free, I want to start discovering and immortalizing everything around us that I want to roam with the camera in my hand.


Photography is love


I have been living in Prague for over 25 years and still discover new beautiful and soulful corners. I love Prague because it is the same and different, it offers so many secrets, so many beautiful objects, so much inspiration. She likes the Old Town, where the atmosphere for photography is fully tangible. Old and winding streets, ancient gables of houses, street lamps and life all around. Prague breathes a blend of history and the combination of world cultures. And among all the beautiful Vltava, decorated with arches of bridges.

Offers a different story every minute ...

Martin Lukač, born June 19, 1972 in Liberec.
Infinite dreamer, beautiful daughter Victoria (22 years old).