Photo courses in Prague


Individual photo courses for individuals or groups​

Mill in Kampa

4 hours of sensible photographing in the center of Prague (Old Town, Charles Bridge, Kampa).

Golden Chapel in Prague

The paths and places I adapt to the seasons, actual weather, and customer.

The maximum capacity of the course is 3 participants so that I can give you my full attention.

Press the trigger can everyone!

  • Do you want to use a camera better than automatic control?
  • Do you really want to take pictures, or just click without thinking?
  • Come and enjoy a great day, dark and secret aisles, absorb the atmosphere and understand!

We will gladly explain:

  • composition
  • the photography basics
  • work with long times
  • how to expose good
  • improve your work
Evening castle stairs

Take just charged camera, tripod, and comfortable clothes for a 4 hours walk.

Then take a good mood, a smile on your face and we will take care of other things.

Photography courses are relaxing!

Covid19 in Prague

After a five-month mandatory break (Covid19), we start filming again! The dates of the photo courses are now only to order. Write or call and we will agree on a common date.

Do you want to go take pictures?

Do you want to join?

Squeeze it!

New Year's fireworks in Prague

We hold individual photo courses all over Europe (Prague, Brno, Liberec, Bratislava, Wien, Budapest, Dresden, Berlin, Copenhagen). They are focused on landscape and architecture, that are determined to photographers on all levels, owners of mirror cameras, compact cameras, also for individuals or groups. The trips are good also for people, who are not so physically strong.

Moritzburg Negative

You can also buy my photos, if you like them, either as a large format canvas or a separate photo. Take a look at the store!

Do you want more information about the photo course or do you have other questions?

Contact me!

Thank you for your visit and for your time.
Martin Lukač

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