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Donor certificate

Donor certificate

Thank you for your contributions to children in the foster home in Trnová near Pilsen!

The value of the contribution is, of course, voluntary and only at your discretion.

We will print the donor certificate with your name in the A4 format and send it to your address.

Foster home has 35-38 children between 1-7 years.

These contributions are used exclusively for the purchase of sweets, crayons, pads, bubble blowers, coloring books, books, vitamins for children, wet wipes, etc.

We go to the Foster House every month, so we are grateful for any support, help.

Just the standard things we always carry there, but there are never enough of them!

We have been going to make children happy for 10 years!

The collection of things for children is year-round. If you want to help, don’t hesitate, do it!

Anything that makes children happy will help and make them happy!

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you !!! ❤️

I just want to remind you, the donation is yearlong, so if you have an opportunity and taste to donate or buy and make them happier, don´t hesitate and do it!

Almost forty children aged 1-7 – clothes, toys, exercise books, coloring books, crayons, systems, wet wipes, etc …

These for us ordinary things are not enough.
Anything, that will help or make children happy!

Do you want to contribute?

Do it because it makes sense!












If you want to join us, contact me or the headmistress of the foster home, Helena Ticha.

You can also buy and donate a donor certificate.
It’s a clean and meaningful gesture that helps!


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