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Jested TV Transmitter

Original photo paintings are an investment!

We print from a global manufacturer with a 420-year tradition, Hahnemühle, because their materials are certified for a lifespan of more than 100 years.

Photo printing material: 
Collector – FineArt Albrecht Dürer 210g, Hahnemühle 50% Cotton, 50% Alfacelul
Epson technology is chosen for photo printing because it uses a set of 10 Ultra Chrome PRO inks, so we print photos that have no competition in color and sharpness.

Photo canvas printing material:
Collector – Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas 400g, matt protective varnish, cotton, luxury canvas! 
These are cotton art canvases, coated with a special layer for the highest quality art print. The canvases have great archival potential!

Each original product is in a limited edition hand-signed on the back of the canvas/photo!

Add to cart, pay it, we will all prepare, wrap it carefully, and deliver it to your home.

The price of the painting does not include transport!

Delivery options:

Picking up a photo/canvas directly in the Photo Studio in Prague 1.
Personal delivery – for orders over 200€, free delivery within 100 km from Prague.
Sending by post according to the standard tariff of the Czech Post or transport service.

Payments from abroad + bank fee 9 €.

Delivery date – 7 days for photos and 14 days for canvases.

A unique possibility of exclusivity, both in format and in the image!
What does it mean? You will be the sole owner. No more copies, no prints!
Guaranteed by the author, of course, you will receive a certificate of authenticity.
The price of the exclusivity is 6,000 €.

We contribute 10% of the profit from each sale, to a nicer life for children in a foster home in Trnová near Pilsen. That is why you are good angels too! Thank you all, children without a family deserve it!

Do you want a different format or design?
Please contact us and we will try to invent something together!


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