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© 2019 by Martin Lukac, Author, Photographer, Photo studio in the center of Prague

So far, just a translation from google before we prepare a professional version. Sorry !




All photos are copyrighted, specifically Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the violation of which

constitutes a criminal offense.

Photographs are the property of the photographer and may not be used for any commercial purpose, promotion or sale to a third party without the author's written permission.

By copying or saving the image to your computer, you are not a criminal yet.

You do this when you use the photo without the author's permission.

Individul photo courses

Organizing individual photo courses across Europe: 

(Prague, Brno, Liberec, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Dresden, Berlin, Copenhagen),

Focusing on landscape and architectural photography, designed for photographers of all levels, SLR and compact camera owners, individuals and groups.

We will explain the basics of photography, composition, improve your creation.

The maximum capacity of the course is 3 participants so I can give you full attention. Routes and locations adjust to the season and the current weather.


Small snacks and drinks are included in the "TOUR", just watch out for those brown saucers!
Hard-boiled eggs, cutlet with cucumber or bread with greaves.


What to bring?
Photo equipment, tripod, best remote or cable trigger and good mood.
Of course, appropriate clothes, the ideal spare stuff with you, we go in any weather...

Photographs for sale

Looking for a suitable gift?
Do you like any of these photos?
We will produce, whether as a photograph, picture with frame, large format canvas or print on glass.

The image is an investment that should last for decades. That is why we print at a manufacturer with 420 years of tradition, Hahnemühle. Their materials are certified in combination with Epson pigment inks for a lifetime of over 100 years. So they have great archival potential.

These are classic cotton art canvas, coated with a special layer that allows for the highest quality artistic print. In addition, they are unique in that they are treated with a Hahnemühle UV-protective coating applied by a pressure gun to provide perfect protection against fingerprints in dark areas, dust and liquid stains, and cracking of paint during mechanical stress, especially during the stretching process.

Most used print sizes - photos, canvas prints, glass prints:

40 * 60cm

60 * 90cm

100 * 150cm

Other dimensions as agreed, that's not a problem...


Once the amount has been credited to the account, we will enter into production that lasts:
For photos - 7 days
For photo-canvas - 14 days
For photos printed on glass - 21 days


Together with the purchase price, the customer is obliged to pay the costs associated with packaging and delivery of the goods at the agreed amount. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the purchase price is also understood to include the costs associated with the delivery of the goods.


Prices are individual.
Transport is individual.
Payments from abroad + bank fee 9 €.

TFP - Time for prints

I shoot TFP if I am interested in a model or proposed project, including charity.
You will always receive 3-5 free final photos from the photo shoot, according to the results

of the project, idea, photo shoot agreement. Photographs that arise will be copyrighted and subject to the Copyright Act 121/2000 s.b. Czech Republic.

You will receive the photos in electronic form, in the resolution for web use, sent via the depository to your email. If you like the photos, that you want to own it in maximum resolution, you will be charged, according to the standard price list, everything is on agreement.

All terms and conditions of the TFP photo shoot are defined in the “MODEL RELEASE” contract, which I will send to you upon request in advance, to study, in order to avoid misunderstanding, according to previous experience. ALWAYS I sign a contract before shooting.

Due to the nature of TFP photoshoot, you claim payment of 20€, on el. energy, heating, services. If the make-up artist is secured, this service is paid, I have my own make-up artist, she charges from 20€, everything on agreement and your wishes, according to the agreed style of photography. 

PS: The make-up artist is not needed for shadow acts.

Confirmation of the term is binding, in case of breach of the agreement and failure to meet the deadline, the person will be publicly labeled and will be charged for the costs associated with it.

In the case of people under the age of 18, I require an escort of at least one adult person-parents !!!
In the case of adult models, the accompaniment is not allowed, according to experience !!!
In the presence of mom, grandmother, boyfriend and their precious advice, how to look the most to you, talking to photoshoot, posing, nervous, never again !!!

Thank you, I look forward to your questions, ideas, inspiration, or even to personal meetings...

Gift cards

Do you want to make your partner, partner, mother, grandmother happy ?
Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, beautiful surprises!

Buy your loved ones a recollection of studio or outdoor photography.
The price includes a professional make-up artist, refreshment and a relaxing atmosphere.

The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and delivery to the buyer.
If the voucher is not claimed in due time, it will forfeit without compensation...

Services, Terms and Price List


Glamor, portraits, shadow acts, partner, family, maternity, pets, etc.

Fully equipped studio in the center of Prague, 100m2 area for own creation, glass atrium.


We will take pictures in nature, by the water, according to your wishes and imagination.


You cannot come to us, we will come to you and take you home.


We offer photos of you or your employees, either in our studio in Prague 1, or directly in the company headquarters, where we will create a background with studio lights. We also take photos of social events, corporate parties, banquets, fairs, etc.


Individually priced according to product, number and difficulty.


Reporting photoshoot, club, event, baptism, etc.


Studio photography, natural photo sets without adjustments, visage.


Getting into the secrets of photography - don't let your kids kill boredom at the computer.


ALWAYS reserve after agreement and receipt of an advance of 50% on our account, the rest of

the day taking photos.  Orders to email: photographer@martinlukac.eu



After taking a picture, we will send you a link to the gallery with thumbnails of all the photographs taken, with a watermark from which you choose, according to the ordered number, or the number can be increased. There is a possibility of choosing photos on the spot, immediately after the photo shoot, in the studio, with a possible selection consultation.


According to the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Coll. without my consent, as the author of the work, it is not allowed to publish the previews anywhere (web, social networks - fB, instagram, etc.), nor to modify them further (eg by removing the logo, watermark, PS, etc.).

Thumbnails are the property of the photographer, intended only for selector edits.

The Participant who breaches this obligation is obliged to pay the fine, even if the entitled person does not incur any damage !


The contractual penalty for non-compliance is 4.000 €.



The delivery time is 10 days from the date of your sent and confirmed selection (ie not since the photo shoot). If you need the photos in a shorter time, you can use the fast delivery, within 5 days of working days, with a surcharge of 100 € to the total package.

We deliver photos on CD at maximum resolution for print + reduced, for web presentation.
The CD can be picked up personally in the studio or sent by post to your address.



All adjustments and retouching always consult with the customer !!!

Family and children's photos contain a basic retouch that includes brightness, contrast, removal of defects such as acne, bruise, scratch, etc., always according to the customer.

The portraits contain a more thorough skin retouching, softening of significant wrinkles, possible slight modifications of the figure, always according to the customer's wishes.


Own look and its dissatisfaction with him, there is no reason for complaint pictures !!!



Original photos in RAW + selected - archived photos are archived for 6 months after shooting. New burning of archived photos on CD for 10 € / 1pc.


Customized photos are delivered in JPEG or TIF format, according to your wishes.

Unmodified photos (selection of photos) are provided only by agreement, max. 990 pixels longer side. We do not provide photos in RAW !!!



If you can not come to the photo shoot (illness, Family issues, unexpected event, etc.), let us know min. 48h in advance, in writing, by email, we will arrange another date of the photo shoot. If the agreed deadline is not met and properly excused, 50% of the deposit paid will be forfeited !
It is forbidden to take any photoshoot during the photo shoot - photo, video !!!


By ordering for a photo shoot, you acknowledge and accept these terms...


price list 2019



40 € | 1h in the studio

Natural photos, no retouching, no adjustments, no make-up artist.

About 20-50 shots taken to select photos, 60 minutes of your time.

You will receive the photos in electronic form, in max resolution, on your email.



115 € | 3x artistic photography, professional retouching, postproduction, without make-up artist.

About 20-50 shots taken to select photos, 60 - 120 minutes of your time.

When choosing over 5pcs, each additional photo is half the number !

You will receive the modified photos in electronic form, at maximum resolution, on your email.



115 € | 6x natural photo, professional retouching, without make-up artist.

195 € | 13x natural photo, professional retouching, without make-up artist.

You will receive the modified photos in electronic form, at maximum resolution, on your email.



PACKET 1  -  140 €

3x professionally retouched photos.

About 20-50 shots taken to select photos, 60 minutes of your time.
Professional make-up artist is included in the price.
You will receive the modified photos in electronic form, at maximum resolution, on your email.


PACKET 2  -  215 €

5x professionally retouched photos.
About 30-80 shots taken to select photos, 180 minutes of your time.
Professional make-up artist is included in the price.
You will receive the modified photos in electronic form, at maximum resolution, on your email.


PACKET 3  -  510 €

13x professionally retouched photos to make a calendar.
About 100-250 shots taken to select photos, 300 minutes of your time.
Professional make-up artist is included in the price.
You will receive the modified photos in electronic form, at maximum resolution, on your email.



59 € | 1h.

395 € | 10h. (all day shooting)

Making off, reportage photography, fashion shows, corporate parties, birthday parties, banquets, cultural events, fairs, newborn baptisms, sports events and other activities ...




Individually priced according to product, number and complexity of adjustments.




3h presence of photographer, 50pcs of modified photos.

Wedding ceremony, portraits of newlyweds, group photo.



6h presence of photographer, 100pcs of modified photos.

Morning preparations, ceremony, congratulations, portraits of newlyweds, group photo, banquet.



12h presence of photographer, 150pcs of modified photos.

Taking pictures of morning preparations, the whole time of the ceremony, portraits of

newlyweds, group photos, smashing plates, banquet, common soup, cake cut, evening ntertainment.

You will receive the modified photos in the maximum resolution on the DVD, the choice of your own. In addition, we will make you a 50 * 70cm large format canvas with your chosen photo.


Non-refundable deposit for valid reservation date:  50% of the price!

Transport in Prague is unified 10 €, traveling outside of Prague 0,47 € / km.

If necessary, we will provide a professional make-up artist, not included in the package price.

The possibility of a wedding book, prices do not include photo printing and transportation.


Transport of persons in Prague, Czech Republic and Europe.
Transports to / from the airport, weddings, parties, business trips.
Ensuring transport for companies, hotels, film productions.
Cheaper than taxi, fixed prices, entry and waiting for 0, - CZK, discretion.

Price list 2019:

Praha - Ruzyne - 33 € - fix

Prague - Brno - 200km - 188 €
Prague - Vienna - 320km - 300 €
Prague - Berlin - 350km - 330 €
Prague - Krakow - 540km - 509 €

Simple formula for route calculation:
Prague - Brno - 200km x 2 (return) = 400km * 0,47 € / km

Rate according to the current exchange rate...