Time for prints (TFP)


TFP photoshoot | Photos for joy

I’m taking a picture of TFP! Do you have an interesting idea, are you a charismatic woman or are you planning a charity project? Let’s go!

Chateau lady

You will always receive at least 5 pieces of edited photos from the photoshoot free of charge. The photographs we create will be marked with copyright and are subject to the wording of the Copyright Act 121/2000 s.b. The Czech Republic.


You will receive the photos in electronic form, resolution for web use. If you like the photo so much that you will want to own it in the maximum resolution, you will be charged, according to the standard price list, everything is only by agreement, we are people…


All conditions of TFP photography are defined in the contract
“MODEL RELEASE”, which in case of interest I will send you on request in advance, for study, to avoid misunderstandings, according to previous experience.

I ALWAYS request the signing of a contract before performing TFP photography.

Valentine muse

Due to the nature of TFP photography (free), I claim payment of 50€, for energy, heating, services.

Confirmation of the date is binding! In the event of a breach of the agreement and failure to meet the deadline without a proper apology, this person will be publicly identified and the costs associated with it will be recovered.

TFP - Sensuality

In the case of persons under 18 years of age, I require the accompaniment of at least one adult person – parents!

In the case of adult women, escort is not allowed!

The presence of a mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, or boyfriend is not desirable! Advice on which profile suits you better, how do you look, why are you standing like this? Definitely never again, thank you!

Under the starry sky

I look forward to your questions, ideas, inspirations, and personal meetings.

TFP - Mysterious face

Are you interested in TFP photoshoot?
Write to us and we will arrange a date…

Rainbow beauty

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