Water Castle for the Foster House


❤️ Foster House Trnová near Pilsen ❤️

A week ago we had a party here for the outgoing Melisa. It occurred to me that day because we had borrowed the Water Castle, that we could get it for the children forever, and try the power of social networks. I admit I’m a little skeptical, but what happened after the publication, I think none of us expected it…

During 15h after publication we have chosen 20 000, – CZK!

Fantastic, unexpected,

This morning, Aleš and I set off and looked forward to the children’s reactions, like little boys. Installation was quick. Then just moments of tension before the children wake up after lunch and tell them the news – Water Castle is yours!

Director of the Foster Home - Helena ❤️
Helena signed Donor Certificates for everyone

The joy that is worth it!

Thanks to these people (Aulík David, Beránek Roman, Bradáčová Leona, Budinská Ivana, Crhová Líba, Götzová Jitka, Hájková Markéta, Hudec Tomáš, Jermanová Milana, Kouba David, Kučerová Andrea, Maňasová Zuzana, Melezinková Michaela, Michnová Lucie, Pečnerová Monika, Pejřimovská Kateřina, Peřinová Taťána, Pospíšilová Ivana, Pražák Aleš, Sadílková Zuzana, Smrčková Lucie, Stuchláková Patricie, Taisová Denisa, Tesner Tomáš, Traubová Nicole, Tvrdá Helena, Vítková Lucie) money was available and i could send the order to the store! ❤️

I enclose photos so you can see the joy of children!

Aleš got out of hand with children's coordination!

Water Castle for the joy of children!

Queue for cold water from a hose
Bryan is extremely satisfied
Pep's hell ride
Týna will not go into the water. Woman!
So who did not take off your shoes in the water?
Sisters Lara and Týnka are still under my supervision ❤️
Lifeguard Aleš organizes the placement of girls on the beach
Ice creams are heated
Aleš is the center of attention
The photo shoot begins
Not all of us were enchanted
Just shout 486 times and everyone is listening
Back under water
Patricia enjoyed it too
When I take pictures, I don't chew, do I ?!
Almost like the beach in Saint Tropez!
I love that girl! ❤️
Now practicing landings
Lifeguard Aleš is a single, girls!
Grandpa is already tired!
Farewell always gets us!
We will come to you again, in a month!
A big THANK YOU to all who contributed!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️

I just want to remind you, the collection is year-round, so if you have the opportunity and the taste of what you could give or buy for children, do not hesitate, do it!

Foster home has about 35 to 38 children 1-7 years old.

Clothes, toys, notebooks, notebooks, coloring books, crayons, vitamins, wet wipes, etc., we will be happy about everything.

I created a gift certificate for people who send us contributions for sweets, coloring books, crayons, and similar necessary things, for daily use, so here it is.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Martin !!! ❤️

Do you want to contribute? Squeeze it !!!
Donor certificate

Thanks from children!

If you want to join, do not hesitate to contact me or directly the director of the Foster Home, Helena Tichá. Thanks, Martin Lukač ❤️

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